HVAC Equipment

We have a large selection from our entry level systems, to the most innovated systems in the industry! As complex as this can be, our Einstein Professionals will make this experience as efficient and easy as possible, so you can enjoy the finer things in life!

Air Distribution

Are you experiencing hot and cold spots throughout your home or business? Does the airflow seem weak? Or too strong? We can help! Our Einstein Professionals can provide you a detailed analysis of your air distribution, and provide you with customized solutions!

IAQ (Indoor Air Quality)

IAQ is hottest topic right now in our industry! Your HVAC system is more than just heating and cooling for your home or business, it can now be a whole house air filtration and/or home air purification system! Living in Southern California does provide us with some nice days where heating and cooling is not always necessary, so you may open up a door or window, to enjoy the nice weather. However, the dust, dirt, pollens, germs, bacteria, fungi, pet dander, even odors will pollute your home or business when doing this. Now when your home or business is open and exposed to these outside elements, you can run the fan only, and experience these great benefits even if it’s not necessary to heat or cool at that time!


We offer a wide selection and variety of climate control thermostats from basic on and off, to full communicating with WiFi technology. We also, provide zone technology, where you can have separate controls within different areas of your home or business, to only heat and cool the areas that you are using, and achieve a more precise temperature in that zone. In addition, we offer humidifier and dehumidifier control options. You can control just about anything when it comes to comfort designed by your Einstein Professional!